Tom Griggs | A Creature Obeys

Photographer, writer, and educator, Tom Griggs, and I met at AIPAD to talk about his book, A Creature Obeys a Creature That Wants, published by Mesaestándar. A Creature Obeys a Creature That Wants is an exploration of generational depression experienced through Tom’s paternal side of his family. It weaves together text and images from Tom with text and images from his father to tell a spiritually infused story of his family. We also talk about his newest book, El Inquilino, Mexico City, published by Kris Graves Projects which was revealed at AIPAD the very day we were there.

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Tom Griggs is a photographer, writer, and educator born in the United States and currently living between Medellín, Colombia and Mexico City. He has spent much of the last thirteen years teaching at the Universidad de Antioquia and at Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes in Medellín, and at the ICP online. His last photobook, A Creature Obeys a Creature That Wants, was named one of the best photobooks of 2023 by Mark Power and Alec Soth.

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