Allie Haeusslein | Pier 24

Writer, Curator, and Director of Pier 24 Photography in San Francisco, Allie Haeusslein, joined me at the 2024 Chico Review and we discussed how writing about and curating photography became her passion and we talk specifically about the show, Stacy Mehrfar: The Moon Belongs to Everyone at Filter Photo, to highlight Allie’s approach to curating and working with artists. We also talk about how Chris McCall invited her to be the Co-Director at Pier 24, and Allie reflects on her time at the famed institution, working with Chris McCall, and on the last show, Turning the Page, before Pier 24 closes its doors in 2025. And because we were at Chico, Allie shares some advice about following up with a good portfolio review experience. | |
Mehrfar’s show –

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Allie Haeusslein is the Director of Pier 24 Photography in San Francisco, the largest space dedicated to photography in North America. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Aperture, British Journal of Photography, ART21 Magazine, and Foam Magazine.

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