Tamara Torres | Who Does Art Belong To – Ep.116

“I can’t take that (art) with me when I am gone, but I can certainly pass the message and leave behind how important art is as a tool to get better from trauma in life and just move forward.” Tamara Torres is an Afro-Latina feminist artist and community activist based in Trenton, NJ. Tamara and I were going to record last year when her work was in the JKC Gallery, but she had to jet off to two more shows, one in Chicago and another in London before we had the chance. We recorded with, guest co-host and former guest, Ryann Casey in Trenton Hall, where the gallery is located, just days before the pandemic shut-down. Tamara, Ryann, and I talk a lot about who art belongs to and the class and race structure embedded in the art world including the academic art world. We also talk about the function of art as a form of expression to deal with injustice, trauma, and grief Tamara Torres is a Afro-Latina feminist international artist and community activist based out of Trenton, N.J. Growing up in Trenton, Torres survived obstacles such as homelessness, abuse, and discrimination. Her artwork has taken up the cause of social justice for abused, disadvantage, and disenfranchised women around the globe. Torres’ artwork has been exhibited in London, Edinburgh, Rome, Milan, New York City, and throughout New Jersey. Torres’ belief is, if she can change one person’s thinking through her artwork then she has done her job as an artist.. Trigger Warning: We don’t get into the specifics of the abuse that Tamara faced growing up, but we do talk a little about her father’s substance abuse and about Tamara moving forward from her trauma. https://www.tamaratorresart.com/ https://www.instagram.com/tamaratorresart/ This link will make sense after you listen to the show: https://news.artnet.com/exhibitions/women-in-abstract-expressionism-636611