Ross Kasovitz | K&M Camera Past, Present, & Future – Ep.115

“I can tell you stories upon stories about endless amounts of people who have come through from Roy DeCarava, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Frank, Larry Clark…all the icons of the fine art photo community…everybody…Helen Levitt and Mary Ellen Mark. Just amazing artists…my father’s been in it from the beginning.” Ross Kasovitz grew up around some of the most well known photographers and artists for all of his life. He is the son of Peter “Itzik” Kasovitz of K&M Camera. Ross and I talk about how he came to take over the business, how he helped transform it, and how he is working to get the business back up and running after the shut-down. Ross has some great insight into how the shut-down and social distancing will effect the downstream art businesses such as retailers, printers, and framers. We also talk about the impact on photo education and what happens with analog photography and the darkroom. Ross tells a few amazing stories from his family’s relationships with some of K&M’s legendary customers, including one very funny story about Joel Sternfeld. Be sure to also checkout a new show by my friend and former co-host Kai McBride: Kai’s Photo Topic with Ross Kasovitz and Jeff Hirsch