Martin Bough | Curiosity & Music – Ep.117

“You really have to understand the times we live in and…the things that you push against are the things that make you who you are.” Martin Bough is a photographer, a teacher, and a Jazz musician. He has been photographing since 1962 but that is not where this story begins. Martin is 92 years old and he was already an accomplished saxophone player and a highly skilled printing press operator before he took up the camera. Martin is a storyteller and you will not hear me very much in this episode because he has a unique way of talking about his life and how he had to live with and overcome the obstacles of neglect, racism, and exploitation for most of his life. It is a story filled with pain and anger and you will hear some of that life-long pain when Martin speaks. We also talk about Martin’s connection to Fundamental Photographs, the science stock photo agency I worked at for 15 years with Kip Peticolas and Richard Megna. Martin’s sons, Quavin Evans and Bonin Bough, are currently cataloging his work and you can see the start of that effort on Instagram, linked below. Special thanks go to Bonin Ventures and Executive Assistant, Vanessa Ekin for helping me with the logistics of this recording with Martin Bough. Photo ©1968 Martin Bough | Ralph Abernathy speaking at Poor People’s Campaign rally in Central Park shortly after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.