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Cary and I reminisce a bit about our different experiences in the textbook world and the changes that occurred in the publishing and stock photography world that came about almost simultaneously with the introduction of digital photography in the classroom. We talk about Cary’s own photography, his desire to promote work from those underrepresented in the photo world, and we talk about the kind of work we might be seeing in the coming years that is a result of the psychological and emotional toll the pandemic has taken from us.
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Cary Benbow is a writer, editor, and photographer based in Greenfield, Indiana. After graduating with a BFA in photography from Ball State University, he worked in higher-education publishing for a dozen years before changing careers. He and his wife Jodi run the family business – an independent movie theater, and are the proud parents of five wonderful young adults.
His articles, interviews, and book reviews have been published in a number of online and print magazines, and his photography has been widely exhibited. Cary is a staff writer for F-Stop Magazine, a contributor to YIELD Magazine, and his writing has been featured in LensCulture, Vantage, Fujifeed, Photomachina, and ArtNarratives. He is the publisher and editor of Wobneb Magazine.
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