Heather Palecek | Teaching & Historical Practice

Heather Palecek is an artist who uses historical photographic processes in experimental ways to explore our relationship with nature. She is also a high school photo teacher. We talk about her last show at the JKC Gallery and I ask her about teaching at the high school level and the importance of mentors.

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From Heather’s Bio:

I took a darkroom photography class in high school and my life changed forever.

I can’t remember a time in which I didn’t have a camera in hand. Nowadays my cameras are a little unconventional though, as I’m obsessed with pinhole photography.

I create artwork collaboratively with Mother Nature.

My concepts revolve around relationships; those between humans and nature, humans amongst themselves, and our relationship with ourselves. My favorite mediums and processes are light and chemistry based – pinhole photography, cyanotypes, alternative processes, mixed media. Currently, I’m exploring ways in which I can create artwork with Mother Nature and not just about her.

When not creating the artwork you see on this webpage you’ll probably find me:

Hiking (as much and as often as I can), going to concerts, spending time with friends, laying in my hammock (I always have one in my car in case the occasion arises), checking out art exhibits, reading non-fiction adventure books, antique shopping, hanging out with my cat, spending every free weekend at my off-the-grid cabin in the Adirondacks, Oh! and I have two jobs: 1. teaching analog and digital photography to high schoolers 2. Taking family portraits of adventurous people at local parks in NJ.