Ann Lepore | Amulet for Introverts – Ep.99

“My work is very much about physical places and landscapes but it’s’ maybe more about communities and social markers that you can see in landscapes. So I was like, what’s something social or community related that you could put in one of those capsules?” Ann Lepore is a multimedia artist in the in the most expansive definition of that term. She has made everything from lithographs to holograms, 3D printed amulets to animated sound experiments, she has made objects from street-interview requests and most recently, performed stand-up storytelling at a comedy club. Then there is her side hustle of consulting people and organizations on how to use tools and technology to their advantage which she presented to the hosts of Shark Tank. Ann is a great storyteller and we cover many of her fascinating projects and experiences in this episode, including acquiring lantern slides from the Metropolitan which lead to an interesting find and an entire project. From Ann’s Bio: Ann LePore was raised in the garage under her father’s car and continued tinkering with analog video and kinetics in Western New York and later with computer driven electronics and animation in New York City. A New Leonardo artist and Geraldine R Dodge Foundation grant recipient, Ann has exhibited at events such as Digital Salon, the Free Biennial, and La Superette, in New York City and Internationally. She has completed residencies at Engine 27 Sound Space, the Taliesin Artist Residency Program, and was awarded a year-long studio residency at Gallery Aferro in Newark. The images and installations she creates as a result of her tinkering are heavily influenced by her experiences not just as an artist, but as a member of several communities that are defined by the physical assertions and limitations of a very specific environment. Ann received her BFA from Alfred University and her MFA from the School of Visual Arts. She is currently Associate Professor of 3D Design and Animation at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Seton Hall Show September 2019: Moscow Show October 2019: The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists has invited me to screen two of my animations at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory October 17th. I will be delivering a talk on transcribing synesthesia to animation October 20th at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. With me will be neurologist Dr. Svetlana Rudenko, Ben Neil and alumna Geri Hahn.