Tony Chirinos | The Precipice

I catch up with photographer and professor, Tony Chirinos about his first monograph, The Precipice published by Gnomic Book.
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From Gnomic Book: The Precipice is the summation of nearly two decades spent working as a biomedical photographer in Miami. Chirinos threads the needle between the sometimes delicate, often brutal world of surgical intervention. The book is separated into three main bodies: surgical photographs of living subjects; vibrant typologies of exquisitely photographed tools; and the journey to the afterlife. The Precipice draws back the curtain to a world which most of us never see, where human fragility and resilience coexist in an uneasy equilibrium.
Featuring essays by Michelle Otero and Eugenie Shinkle, and a poem by Claudia Isidron, The Precipice is simultaneously lyrical and bleak, a celebration of life and an unflinching observation of what follows.