Michelle Leftheris – Episode 46

“Well I’m just going to work at this lab for the rest of my life, I’ll be a lifer…because my life is over at the ripe old age of twenty four…and then I got a call from the Chair up at RISD…” Michelle Leftheris is a multimedia artist and has been a faculty member and the Coordinator of Curriculum at the School of Visual Arts MFA Photo/Video/Media program for about 11 years, but that is about to change this August as she embarks on the next chapter in her life as a full-time faculty member at Middlebury College in Vermont. Kai and Michael sat down with Michelle at SVA to talk about her work and her teaching, and how both inform and each other. Kai and I also want to give special thanks to Michelle for being our liaison to SVA for the show. This episode sponsored by the School of Visual Arts MFA Photography, Video, & Related Media – Charles Traub, Chair. LINKS http://www.michelleleft.com https://www.instagram.com/leftherism/ https://www.facebook.com/michelle.leftheris http://www.sloanprojects.com/leftheris-artist-page/ Visit www.thephotoshow.org We are realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/realphotoshow and on Instagram instagram.com/realphotoshow/ Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/realphotoshow Music by Giancarlo T. Roma and Kai McBride