Mark Steinmetz | Carnival – Ep.106

“That’s the pleasure of photography, it’s really just kind of daydreaming with these borders around the world and what’s in and what’s out.” Mark Steinmetz was in town to talk about his new book Carnival, published by Stanley/Barker. In-between a talk at The Bronx Documentary Center, another one at The Penumbra Foundation, and a book signing at Dashwood Books, Mark sat down with Anna Roma and I in his tiny hotel room in Manhattan. We talk about everything from Mark’s origins to photographing with Garry Winogrand, to creating a workshop with renowned photographer and his wife, Irina Rozovsky. There is a short phone conversation at the end of this episode with Mark about his fashion work and his workshop, The Humid, that he hosts with Irina. Visit @realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB