Episode 10 Origins: Sasha Waters – Freyer

“We had decided we were going to make a short documentary in 16mm, which I had never shot…and we decided we were going to make it about dominatrixes.” Sasha Waters-Freyer is an experimental and documentary filmmaker. Her work has been screened at the Telluride Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the Rotterdam and more. Sasha is also the Chair of Photography and Film at Virginia Commonwealth University and, as she describes it, “the number one public art school in the United States.” We caught up with Sasha while she was in New York working on her latest project, All Things are Photographable, a documentary about the legendary photographer Garry Winogrand. See more of her work and read more about her accomplishments at http://www.pieshake.com and check out her photo/film program at http://arts.vcu.edu/photofilm/. Hosts: Michael Chovan-Dalton & Dennis Santella Introduction phone call guests are previous guests and co-hosts Kai McBride and Patrice Helmar Visit www.thephotoshow.org Follow us on Twitter twitter.com/realphotoshow and on Instagram instagram.com/realphotoshow/ Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/realphotoshow Music by @pataphysics-1