Charles Traub – Part 2 – Episode 16

“…as the hick from Louisville who went to Chicago I always wanted to be in New York and I was in fact doing my Lunchtime photographs in Chicago at that moment, I loved the idea of working on the streets of New York, and frankly, most candidly, the job didn’t seem like a sales job to me, because it wasn’t, it was a curatorial job, it was a way to make a statement about what photography is or was and I thought it would be wonderful…” We pickup our conversation with Charlie as he enters the gallery world with Light Gallery, founded by Tennyson Schad, in the 1970’s. Light Gallery was the first of its kind, dedicated to showing contemporary photographers. It would become the model for modern day galleries and Charlie was again at the forefront of helping to shape the modern photography show and giving photographers not included in the museum world a place to show. We then switch gears from photo history to a good amount of time talking about Charlie’s photographic projects and his books. Hosts: Michael Chovan-Dalton and Kai McBride Links from the show: Charles’ site Still Life in America Interactive Site SVA MFA Program Visit Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Like us on Facebook Music by @pataphysics-1 on Soundcloud