Vanessa Winship – Episode 54

In this episode of PhotoWork with Sasha Wolf, Michael Chovan-Dalton fills-in for Sasha as she was away taking care of some family matters. Michael and photographer, Vanessa Winship, have a wonderful conversation about two bodies of work she made in the United States, She Dances on Jackson, published by MACK, and her most recent book, SNOW, published by Deadbeat Club. Vanessa talks about how both of these books began, the former as a proposal and the latter as an assignment. Vanessa also describes her experience of traveling around the United States and witnessing both beauty and turmoil.

Since 2005 Vanessa Winship is a member of Agence VU. After leaving Britain in 1998 she worked in long term projects in the Balkans and countries surrounding the Black Sea along with her husband, photographer George Georgiou. She is the author and subject of six photographic monographs, Schwarzes Meer (Mareverlag GmbH 2007), Sweet Nothings (Foto8/Images En Manœuvres 2008), she dances on Jackson (MACK/HCB 2013), Vanessa Winship (Fundación MAPFRE 2014), And Time Folds (MACK/Barbican 2018) Sète#19 (Le Bec en L’air / Images Singulières 2019) and a box set, Seeing the Light of Day (B-Sides Box Sets 2020)

She is the recipient of a number of awards, including two World Press Photo prizes, 1998 and 2008, Sony photographer of the year, 2008, and the Henri Cartier Bresson foundation prize, 2011.

She has exhibited at numerous festivals and institutions, nationally and internationally including the Barbican Art gallery in 2018, Sete, 2019, Cumbria, 2021

Her first mid-career-survey show was held at Fundación MAPFRE, Madrid, Spain, 2014.

With George Georgiou she teaches a number of photography workshops, and separately as guest speaker, reviewer, curator, editor and mentor.