Val Dagrain | Trenton to New Orleans

Today’s episode features a former student of Michael’s, Val Dagrain who is finding his way in the film and tv industry after leaving Trenton, New Jersey, and after years in the music business as a rapper. Val is working in New Orleans as a PA, a data manager, a camera assistant, and now coming full circle from his days with Michael, starting as an on-set photographer, the job he has been working towards.
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Val Dagrain is a 2nd Camera Assistant / Data Manager on film sets in the Gulf Coastal regions. mostly in New Orleans, but also Houston, Austin & Jackson, MS. He is from Trenton, NJ and attended Mercer County Community College for a year before leaving to pursue a career in music. Val pivoted to being a film/tv as a crew member and has begun to work as an on-set photographer.

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