Susan Kismaric – Part 1 – Episode 19

“My sister and I would take our money [meant] for the collection box and drive downtown in Parkersburg West Virginia…and buy the New Yorker for that week and two candy bars and then we would drive the car to the city park and sit and read the New Yorker…and eat our candy bars and then go home and pretend we’d gone to mass.” Michael & Kai sit down with Susan Kismaric in her Manhattan apartment for a two part episode of the show. Susan was a curator in the photography department at the Museum of Modern Art and started working there in 1976, she retired in 2011. She has been influential in shaping the history of photography and has been a part of too many shows and books to list here. You can see some of her projects in the links below. In part one we get to hear about how Susan got into the art world Links: Biography: Books: More Books: Visit Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Like us on Facebook Music by @pataphysics-1 on Soundcloud