Sarah Blesener | Beckon us from Home – Ep.73

“I want nuanced reflections and questions…that’s why I like literature…if a book didn’t do that you would not be interested and you would throw it away…so I think photography should beckon the same kinds of responses…” Sarah Blesener dropped out of school at an early age to pursue alternative forms of education which included a year of flight school. She describes herself as very goal driven with a desire to get things done quickly, which accounts for how much she has accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Sarah has an impressive list of awards, clients, publications, shows, and lectures all within the last 3 years. We talk about her work and how having it out in the world for others to interpret filled her with self-doubt at first but then gave her a better understanding how the photograph can create conversation and it also helped Sarah get a better sense of where she wants to go philosophically with future work. This episode sponsored by the School of Visual Arts MFA Photography, Video, & Related Media – Charles Traub, Chair. Visit @realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB