Riley Goodman | From Yonder Wooded Hill

Riley Goodman and Michael Chovan-Dalton talk about Riley’s first monograph, From Yonder Wooded Hill published by Fall Line Press.

YouTube link for artist presentation:

_From Yonder Wooded Hill _investigates what we choose to remember versus what chooses to remember us. Based in the Patapsco River Valley of Maryland and expanding to his ancestral West Virginia and North Carolina, Riley Goodman brings to life the customs and legends on which he was raised to weave a tale as old as the hills.
Riley Goodman, raised in the Patapsco River Valley of Maryland, inquires folklore, American history, and humankind’s relation to the environments they inhabit in an effort to understand what endures, and how this manifests through the passage of time. Goodman juxtaposes the visual interpretation of researched, often folk-based, storytelling with archival imagery and material from his personal collections of artifact and ephemera. When combined, the work depicts a narrative that rather than noting a specific period, creates an ever-occurring understanding of history. By establishing this crafted world, Goodman invites the viewer to question tenets of authenticity, leaving the idea of ‘historical truth’ in an undisclosed middle ground.

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