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Nigel Baldaccino is a multi-media artist and architect based in Malta. Michael and Nigel talk about his interest in architecture and how it influences his work. Nigel also discusses how his experience with anxiety disorder affects how he interacts with the world and makes art. Michael makes a lot of references to Nigels projects in this episode so you may want to check his website while listening. Also, be sure to watch Nigel’s video on the Real Photo Show YouTube channel.

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Nigel Baldacchino [b. 1989] is an artist and design architect based in Malta. His artistic practice extends to various media, including photography, music production, video, text, and design of physical objects / spaces.

His impetus towards taking photographs runs loose in theme, and is often fuelled instead by his own sporadic musings about the way one relates to the world around them through their presence in space and their perception of it.

Past collective photographic exhibitions include Sense of Place [BOZAR, 2012], In Transit [NRW Forum in Dusseldorf / Stadskantoor / Leewarden, 2017], Transitions [Peinture Fraîche, 2020], BLINK [Valletta Contemporary 2021] & most recently the first show from the exhibition series ‘those eyes, these eyes, they fade’ [Valletta Contemporary 2022]. The latter is a project he initiated with Benedicte Blondeau & curator Anne Immelé.

Prints of his photographs and work in video were acquired by the The Malta National-Community Art Museum in 2017 as part of their collection. His photography was also published on GUP Magazine’s first edition of ‘FRESH EYES’ (2020).

In 2019 Nigel published Soon Out of Context (Unsolicited Press) featuring instances of his own poetry presented in dialogue with found images lifted from old publications, now in the public domain. In 2021 he published his first solo music release under his experimental ambient project ‘pool night’, with Belgian label Complex Holiday, titled Everything is Still Here.

Baldacchino is currently part of the 2023 Long Term Photobook Program by Penumbra Foundation / Image Threads Collective & was recently appointed curator & lead exhibition designer for the first edition of

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