Nat Ward & Ben Alper / A New Nothing – Episode 33

“One of the big conversations that Ben and I have always had and always kind of bristled against together is this idea…that all potential is exhausted in photography, and so there is this sense that there is nothing left for photography, which we couldn’t possibly believe.” -Nat Nat Ward and Ben Alper were busy organizing all kinds of great events surrounding their successful online image-based conversation site, a new nothing when we sat down to record this episode at Nat’s Bushwick Brooklyn apartment. A New Nothing promotes visual dialogue between two artists by having them post an image in reaction to the other’s post. The site has received a lot of attention which has translated into an exhibition in Moscow, A Great Sum in Parts, and a book, “A New Nothing,” that debuted at the Independent Art Book Fair. Links: Website: Website: Website: Moscow Show: Book: Visit We are realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Like us on Facebook Music by @pataphysics-1 on Soundcloud