Lab & Office Hours


  • You can only visit the lab within the lab hours listed on the calendar
  • Make sure you leave yourself time to complete your tasks
  • Every lab is assigned a function listed in the below Key

Requests for lab use or gear must be made no later than 2 hours before the lab start time and no earlier than 1 week in advance. (excluding gear return)

The calendar below shows available times and what you can do during those times. The lab may close if there are no bookings.

Please Read the list below before booking lab visit.
Key to lab hours (what you can do)

  • LAB: Use the studio and darkroom, and process film
  • GEAR: Switch, borrow, or return cameras and equipment
  • COMPUTER: use a MacBook Pro in the classroom (includes film scanning)
  • Camera Returns: Only Camera and Gear returns are allowed
  • MEET: Meet in-person or virtually with Professor Dalton
    • No reservation needed but it is helpful if you can book your time
    • For Virtual Visit: Text Dalton at 646-229-1905 or message on Teams

Summer session will only have class time.

If you are having difficulty viewing this calendar CLICK HERE

Click Here to book your Lab/Office Visit or to Borrow/Return Equipment – Remember to check the key for specific lab functions. 

If there is a Friday lab, it must be reserved by noon Thursday. If there is a weekend lab, it must be reserved by noon Friday


  • Lab Hours are not meant to be instructional, there is no guarantee that the person managing the lab will be able to assist in what you are doing
  • Camera loans are typically for the duration of the course unless otherwise stated
  • Equipment return dates at the end of a course will be announced in your course and on this site
  • Equipment can be returned at any time during the semester during lab hours
  • If you stop participating in a course, you must immediately return your equipment

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