Lynsey Weatherspoon | Portraits & Communication – Ep.77

“I left home because I was getting too comfortable. Comfortable with the type of work I was creating, comfortable around the people I had known for 29 years… ” Lynsey Weatherspoon was in New York for Photoville after being named to the Lit List – 30 Image Makers To Watch by the Authortity Collective. Lynsey and I talk about leaving home and taking risks in order change your life and to pursue what you truly want to do. What you will learn about Lynsey is that she doesn’t like to get too comfortable or complacent. She changed her home, she changed her profession, and she would start all over again if it seemed like the right time to do so. Lynsey and I also talk about some of her work on Negro League Players, the Gulla Geechee, and a series she did called the Last Cobbler. This episode sponsored by the School of Visual Arts MFA Photography, Video, & Related Media – Charles Traub, Chair. Links: Visit @realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB