Lucas Thorpe | Libby Pratt – Baxter St – Episode 39

“We spend a lot of time fundraising because a lot of this grant money goes directly to the artist so we need to make that up with…how do we pay for our rent, how do we pay for the lights, how do we pay me?” -Libby Pratt Lucas Thorpe hosted a panel discussion on non-profits and the arts back in December of 2016 and one of his panel members was Libby Pratt, Director of Baxter Street at the Camera Club of New York. Just before his panel Kai and Michael sat down with Libby and Lucas to get a preview of this panel discussion but also to talk more specifically about Baxter Street and the role in the non-profit arts as well as how it has recently changed its mission. We also get to know Lucas and Libby a bit more as artists in their own right and we stumble upon a shared interest and experience that Lucas and Libby have from their family history. This episode sponsored by the School of Visual Arts MFA Photography, Video, & Related Media – Charles Traub, Chair. LINKS Lucas Thorpe: Libby Pratt: Visit We are realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Like us on Facebook Music by Giancarlo T. Roma and Kai McBride