Kayla Coleman | Carrie Able Gallery – Ep.83

“I remember sitting in that art history class and loving it, but flipping through the textbook and not seeing myself in it. And so I was like, ‘do black people not make art?’ and I know they make art because I grew up in New York.” Kayla Coleman is a Collector Relations Liaison for the Carrie Able Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. She is an art historian, educator, and writer based in New York City and specializes in Modern and Contemporary art by black artists in the United States and the Caribbean. Kayla and I talk about her experiences that lead her from a Virginia boarding school, to studying pre-med, and finally to pursuing art history and her master’s degree thesis on Afro-Surrealism. We talk about her experience as a person of color in a mostly white Art History program, and we talk a lot about creating a gallery and a program space that is welcoming and involved with the community. Links: http://carrieablegallery.com/kayla/ https://www.instagram.com/kaylagcoleman/ Visit realphotoshow.com @realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB