Katie Sadie | The Way South – Ep.85

“Ended up going on a six month road trip from Toronto to Los Angeles…all through the south…living in a van…lived in that total for a year, but six months on the road for a photo trip” Katie Sadie started out as a fashion photographer but quickly realized she wanted more out of the work she was making. She sold off her studio equipment to pay for a 6 month road trip through the American South ending in Los Angeles. She traded studio backdrops for rolls of 120 film, bought a Pentax 6×7 off of Craigslist and purchased a van that she lived and traveled in for about a year. We also have a pretty intense conversation about a photo project she started with her mother who lives with schizophrenia. In just 3 years after restarting her photo career, Katie was a winner of the 2017 Magenta Foundation Emerging Photographer Competition, did a residency at a naturists colony, had that work published in True North Photo Journal, and more work published in Float Magazine, and Aint-Bad, and she was hired to document the production of holiday films for A&E/Lifetime. Katie was visiting New York to meet with photo editors when we recorded this show. Links https://www.katiesadie.com/ Visit realphotoshow.com @realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB