Jon Feinstein – Episode 16

In this episode of PhotoWork with Sasha Wolf, Sasha and photographer, curator, and writer, Jon Feinstein discuss the evolution of Humble Arts Foundation, the organization he co founded with Amani Olu, and how Humble represents Jon’s strong desire to democratize the art world and create opportunities for more people. Jon and Sasha also talk about some of the recent events in Jon’s personal life that has made his own work more urgent and emotional. They also reminisce about the first time they met and mutual affection abounds.

About Jon Feinstein:

Jon Feinstein divides his time between making photographs, writing about photographs, curating photographs, and raising his daughter.  

Since 2019, he has been directing content/marketing strategy for The Luupe, a new platform connecting women photographers with big brands to change the still-backward narrative. 

In his spare time, he runs Humble Arts Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting up and coming art photography. He works with photographers on collaborative interviews to make their photos shine.

Feinstein has curated over 50 exhibitions online and IRL, sometimes with curatorial heroes like Lumi Tan, Charlotte Cotton, Natalia Sacasa, Roula Seikaly, and Mickalene Thomas, landing press in HyperAllergic, Aperture, FeatureShoot, The New York Times and The New Yorker. 

Feinstein won the 2019 Blue Sky curatorial prize with Roula Seikaly, and also recently, curated his first museum show at The Ogden Museum in New Orleans. 

His writing on photography has appeared in VICE, Slate, Daylight, Aperture, Adobe, Hyperallergic, Photograph, and Time, and his weekly stories and interviews on Humble’s blog have helped get photographers press, representation, and sell their work. 

His own photographs have been featured in Vice, Booooooooom, Paper Journal, Business Insider, Bon Appetit, Lenscratch, and (strangely) Fox News (no regrets).

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