Jennifer Cabral | Rio/Mine

Jennifer Cabral is an artist and Library Collection Photographer. Jennifer took part in a group show at the JKC Gallery, curated by me and Ryann Casey, titled The Road Home. Jennifer shared work that included the project, Mine_IRA which explored the trauma of the destruction of homeland caused by industrial mining as well as the trauma from experiencing sexual abuse. This work has continued in a trilogy of projects that we discuss on the show. This is the first episode to include a new bonus segment called, Two Photos that Changed Me, in which the guest will talk about two photos they made that affected them greatly in different ways. This bonus content is linked below at the Real Photo Show YouTube channel.

Mild trigger warning: While sexual abuse is mentioned in this episode, we do not go into any details of the abuse.

Mentioned in the show:
Júlia Pontés

Bonus Content

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Jennifer Cabral holds a BFA from two Brazilian institutions: School of Fine Arts Escola Guignard with a concentration in Photography, and a BFA in Social Communications from PUC-Minas with a concentration in Advertising. She relocated to the U.S. and attended classes at the continuing education Program at The School of Visual Arts in New York.

Cabral is curently a Library Collection Photographer documenting cultural heritage collections and manuscripts. In may 2022, she received a Master of Information degree from Rutgers University School of Communication with a concentration in Archives and Preservation. Her studies focused on potentialities brought into collections when photography and archives intertwine.

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