Gordon Stettinius | Candela Books + Gallery – Episode 66

“There is sort of a desert in Richmond Virginia, there was no photo gallery, there are a couple of blue-chip galleries…but my feeling is I could talk circles around them…where photography is concerned, but I’m still trying to learn the business, that they are very good at.” Gordon Stettinius is an artist and the founder of Candela Books + Gallery. He started Candela to help publish and promote well-known, but maybe underrepresented artists, as well as to promote new, and mid-career artists who are pushing boundaries with their practices. It’s a big part of Candela’s annual open call and exhibition, “Unbound,” which is designed to provide an opportunity for artists to further their careers by being part of a larger collection. Michael recorded Gordon at AIPAD, so the sound quality is a little funky and this episode is a little shorter because the Candela booth was very busy. Links Candela Books + Gallery https://candelabooks.com/ Gordon http://www.eyecaramba.com/ Visit www.thephotoshow.org @realphotoshow on Twitter/IG/FB