Giancarlo T. Roma – Episode 20

“When you’re essentially trying to get baseballs and magazines signed everyday for seven days, it does kind of become its own thing and takes on a life of its own. What you’re doing more than anything is collecting, you know you’re in a collector’s mentality…That’s something I guess I was born with, but having explored it, I definitely understand the idea of being a completist.” Giancarlo T. Roma grew up in a family of creative and talented people. His parents are Thomas and Anna Roma and his grandparents are Lee and Maria Friedlander. Names that you know or should know in the world of photography. Through both nature and nurture, Giancarlo has inherited this creativity and drive, and has embraced the “family business.” Kai and Michael sat down with Giancarlo to discuss his upbringing, writings, collaborations with his father, organizing his grandfather’s entire body of work, and his mobile app company. Links from the show: Haywire Press:; @haywirepress for Instagram Mondo Cane NYT Article: Friedlander Vice Article: Chess Vice Article: The Waters of Our Time Amazon: Amazon Author Page for Bio: Twitter and Instagram: @giancarlotroma Visit Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Like us on Facebook Music by @pataphysics-1 on Soundcloud