Finbarr O’Reilly – Bernadette Vivuya | Congo in Conversation Ep.124

Episode Notes

"What this project looks to do is go well beyond that with more nuance and more authentic voices from the community that is being reported on." -Finbarr O’Reilly
I have two amazing guests for today’s show Finbarr O’Reilly and Bernadette Vivuya. This show coincides with the release of the book and multimedia online collaboration, Congo in Conversation by Finbarr O’Reilly. Finnbarr and, journalist and filmmaker, Bernadette talk about the work, the messages they wanted to convey, and the importance of representative and varied voices when trying to tell complex stories.
Congo in Conversation is a collaborative online chronicle through close cooperation with Congolese journalists and photographers. The project addresses the human, social and ecological challenges that Congo faces today, within the context of this new health crisis. Relaying information via a dedicated website and social networks, “Congo in Conversation” provides an uninterrupted and unprecedented stream of articles, photo reportages and videos, which visitors can consult by theme or by contributor.
With “Congo in Conversation”, the Fondation Carmignac provides an outlet for Congolese voices to contribute to the global discourse, communally attest to the on-the-ground situation within this immense country, and raise public awareness. “Congo In Conversation” is presented in a bilingual French-English monograph, co-published by Reliefs Editions and the Carmignac Foundation, with two covers illustrating different aspects of this collaborative reportage
Finbarr O’Reilly is an independent photographer and multimedia journalist, and the author of the nonfiction memoir, Shooting Ghosts, A U.S. Marine, a Combat Photographer, and Their Journey Back from War (Penguin Random House 2017). Finbarr lived for 12 years in West and Central Africa and has spent two decades covering conflicts in Congo, Chad, Sudan, Afghanistan, Libya, and Gaza. He is the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize exhibition photographer (exhibition « Crossroads Ethiopia » around the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize Abiy Ahmed Ali) and a frequent contributor to The New York Times. His photography and multimedia work has earned numerous industry honors, including First Place in the Portraits category at the 2019 World Press Photo Awards. He was also winner of the World Press Photo of the Year in 2006.
Bernadette Vivuya is a journalist and filmmaker based in Goma in Eastern DRC. She reports on issues related to human rights, the environment and the exploitation of raw materials, bearing witness to the resilience of the people in this conflict-affected region.