Elodie Mailliet Storm | CatchLight

Elodie Mailliet Storm is the CEO of CatchLight. Catchlight is a nonprofit media organization that discovers and develops visual storytellers through the practices of art, journalism, and social justice. Elodie and I talk about CatchLight’s new California Visual News Desk which is an evolutionary next step in their goal of collaborating with local media outlets and areas that are in need of good visual storytelling partnerships. We also talk about the history of CatchLight and some of the stories currently being shown and how you can see them.
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CatchLight is pleased to announce the creation of a statewide visual news desk in California, with the support of five philanthropic organizations: the Enlight Foundation, the Kresge Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Hearst Foundations, in partnership with PhotoWings, for a combined investment of over $2 million. The initiative directly addresses the decline of visual journalism across the United States, advances visual representation in local media, and serves critical community information needs. 
CatchLight, a nonprofit media organization borrowing from the practices of art, journalism, and social justice, believes in the power of visual storytelling to foster a more nuanced and empathetic understanding of the world. It serves as a transformational force, urgently bringing resources and organizations together to support leaders in a thriving visual ecosystem. Its goal is to discover, develop, and amplify visual storytellers at all levels. 
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