Donavon Smallwood – Episode 27

In this episode of PhotoWork with Sasha Wolf, Sasha and 2021 Aperture Portfolio Prize Winner, Donavon Smallwood discuss his prize winning work inspired by the history of Seneca Village, A 19th Century Black community destroyed to make way for what is now known as Central Park. Sasha and Donavon also talk about the importance of mentors and the influences of art and literature.

Donavon Smallwood is a self-trained photographer who grew up in a household that emphasized literature and deep engagement with the tradition of art. For him, photography—like all art and creation—is a communion with the divine; and he uses the medium as a means of exploring humankind, imagination, essence, and nature. Smallwood holds a BA from Hunter College, New York. His first monograph, Languor, is forthcoming in June 2021.

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