Deborah Jack | Drawn by Memory – Ep.119

“When the green comes in, the grass comes back first, and then the smaller shrubs. It’s always this sort of hopeful space…I always feel that nature reminds us that after trauma there’s regeneration.”

Deborah Jack is a multimedia artist. Her current work deals with trans-cultural existence, memory, the effects of colonialism and mythology through re-memory. Deborah was born in the Netherlands and grew up in the Netherlands/Saint Martin. She went to grad school at SUNY Buffalo, NY and currently resides in Jersey City where she coordinates the photography program at New Jersey City University. We talk about how growing up on a small island with colonial heritage and landscapes altered by the patterns of water and severe weather influence her work and we talk a little about teaching in the time of corona and the limits of how much we can prepare for it.

You can see the work that we discuss at Deborah’s website: