Dan Bassini | I Still Feel It

Photographer and former student, Dan Bassini and Michael talk about how Dan has been cutting his own path in photography through sheer will and the use of an old plastic camera. Dan talks about his series, No Invite, a fashion/portrait zine made annually during Fashion Week in New York. Dan also shares the stories behind his current books, Cruel Summer, I Still Feel It, and we talk about an upcoming book and show. Michael and Dan also reminisce a little about his time at Mercer and some funny stories from Michael’s very early teaching days there.


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Dan Bassini is a photographer in the New York City area specializing in digital and analog photography. He has released ten books within the "No Invite" series, as well as three non-portraiture books: Highway Hypnosis, Cruel Summer, and I STILL FEEL IT.
His work has been displayed in many solo and group shows in the New York City area.

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