André Liohn – Episode 22

“Do you come home like troubled in your head, yes, but you come back home, you have the comfort of home…but here Brazil is home and now I need to learn to leave it behind again…” André Liohn is an incredible war and documentary photographer. He has seen some of the worst violence that humans can inflict on one another. His experiences have helped shape him into a deeply philosophical photographer. He considers the act of photographing and sharing those photographs as one that carries the responsibility of treating people with respect and dignity. Michael & Kai catch up with André who called in from Brazil after returning from a trip to Tanzania and also after experiencing nasty spill on his motorcycle. Links from the show: Twitter: @andreliohn Facebook: @andreliohn Instagram: @andre_liohn Vice Article by Giancarlo T. Roma: REVOGO Exhibition curated by Thomas Roma: Visit Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram Like us on Facebook Music by @pataphysics-1 on Soundcloud